Voices In Twilight (2006)

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Género: Gothic / Doom Gothic Metal
1. Tristania - A Sequel Of Decay (Beyond The Veil)
2. After Forever - Monolith of Doubt (Decipher)
3. Estatic Fear - Chapter IV (A Sombre Dance)
4. Within Temptation - Jane Doe (unreleased)
5. Avrigus - Dark Angel's Ascension (The Secret Kingdom)
6. Epica - Façade of Reality (The Phantom Agony)
7. Chalice - Memorial Embers (Chronicles Of Dysphoria)
8. Lacuna Coil - When A Dead Man Walks (Unleashed Memories)
9. Silentium - Heart Unyielding (Sufferion - Hamartia Of Prudence)
10. Sirenia - Lithium And A Lover (An Elixir For Existence)
11. Theatre of Tragedy - Virago (Aegis)
12. Penumbra - Enclosed (Seclusion)

DESCARGA by Glaurung

Una buena compilación, con rolas buenísimas de bandas chingonas como Avrigus, Estatic Fear, Epica y Tristania, lo único malo es que ahí hay tres bandas que me cagan XD

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