The Fifth Sun "Discografia"

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Pais: Estados Unidos
Genero: Melodic Death Metal

Grandeeee!!! Esta banda realmente es muy buena, a los amantes del MDM se las recomiendo al 100%, los dos discos son buenisimos, asi que espero les gusten....

The Fifth Sun "Moment Of Truth" [2002]

01. The Hunger To Survive
02. Leveling The Playing Field
03. The Sixth Great Extinction
04. In The Blink Of An Eye
05. Secluded Acres
06. Withstanding the Test Of Time
07. Intimate Moments
08. Failing To See
09. Nameless
10. Meaning In The Movements
11. Ulterior Motives


The Fifth Sun "The Hunger To Survive" [2004]

1. Upholding the Sacred Truth
2. Waste of Skin
3. Burn the Flag
4. The Naturalist
5. Pour Forth the Melody
6. Acheiving States of Spite and Malice
7. Our Heads Collide
8. The Moment of Truth
9. Mothra


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