Violent Entity - Mechanized Division (2005)

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Genero: Dark Electro EBM Old School
Pais de Origen: Alemania, Leipzig
Disquera: Black Rain Records


1. Cold As Ice
2. Dark Reality
3. Mechanized Division
4. Select the Victim
5. Meet your Demise
6. Embrace My Hate
7. In This Darkness
8. Falling Victim
9. In The Beginning
10. Cryogen
11. Dark Reality (Supreme Court remix)


Y más aportes de Glaurung =O!!

Usualmente no posteo los aportes sin haberlos escuchado pero este apenas se esta bajando xd
Posteo masivo!!

Info en inglés:
Violent Entity was formed in the summer of 2002 out of love for the INDUSTRIAL/EBM scene.

Violent Enity's harsh dark old-skool EBM music is programed by vocalist Damien Drullinger, and performed live with E.S. Saturn on synths and percussion.

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