Amduscia - Melodies for the Devil (2003)

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Genero: Dark Electro EBM Industrial
Pais de Origen: México
Disquera: Out of Line

01 - Beyond The Darkness (Raving Mix)
02 - killing mission
03 - Dios Vuelto Miseria
04 - Merciless vain reign
05 - FuckIng flesh (raw mix)
06 - Melodies For The Devil
07 - Seeing You Pray
08 - Embrion
09 - Evil song (paradise mix)
10 - Profano tu cruz(full version)

lol, se me había olvidado poner el link jaja XDU

Aporte de Glaurung ^^

Amduscia es de las pocas bandas punchis que me gustan, con ellos practicare las mezclas jojo xD
Suenan bastante bien, buena calidad mexicana
ojojo presumire que ya tengo mi boleto en barrera para Maiden :)
Glau me añadió una autodescripción que se hace la banda, in inglich:
Our genre is very varied, starting with the creation of dancing rhythmic basis, dark atmospheres and melodies, with some insertions of samplings adding an aggressive voice. Giving as a result a fusion of musical elements between the light of techno and the aggressive of electro and industrial. Influences: EBM, TECHNO, HI-NRG, TRANCE, DARKWAVE, INDUSTRIAL "If you thirsty to enter a dark and virtual dimension or maybe real into music, come here and if by chance you can`t see who is playing, is that Amduscia decided it

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