Mütiilation - 1992-2002 Ten Years of Depressive Destruction (2003)

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Género: Black Metal
País: Francia

CD 1
1.Black Winds Of War (1992)

2.Blasphemous Suicide (1992)

3.Desecrate Jesus' Name (1992-93)

4.As The Night Falls (1992-93)

5.Sorcerer's Land (1992-93)

6.Under The Full Moon (1992-93)

7.Dawn Of The Fallen Angel (Non Metal Version) (1993)

8.Forests Of An Evil Dream (1994)

9.Last Night Among These Times (1994)

10.Holocaust In Mourning Dawn (Drummer On Vocals) (1994)

CD 2
1.The Rite Of Darkness (Bathory cover) (1995)

2.Dawn Of The Fallen Angel (1996)

3.Glorious Evil Time (1999)

4.Black Millenium (2000)

5.Possessed (Venom cover) (2001)

6.To The Memory Of The Dark Countess (Live 07/07/01)

7.Born Under The Master's Spell (Live 07/07/01)

8.No Mercy For Humans (Live 07/07/01)

9.Desecrate Jesus' Name (Live 07/07/01)

10.Black As Lead And Death (Live 07/07/01)

CD 1
CD 2


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