Atrabilis & Negativa - MMXII [2012]

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With the promise of a future release, MMXIII from Atrabilis, we present here their split album with Negativa. Before listening this album I was listening to Urfaust, so you can imagine my surprise to find an Urfaust cover in this album.
In this album you can clearly distinguish two concepts, an experimental one coming from Atrabilis and a depressive one from the hand of Negativa. The opening song , Novena Parte, begins with some guitar riffs and drums that will be acompanied with some pitched black metal screams in which you can sense anger and depression. With some splatters during the song, the melody makes its way into the song towards the end along some drones. You will find this experimental elements as well in the previously mentioned Urfaust's cover, raw guitars at the begining with some melodic vocals slowly coming from the back.
On the other hand Negativa will be the one to take you to some depressive atmospheres, guitar riffs that will be leading the feelings and drum that will help them with that. Depressive black metal screams will be with you along the song. One of the elements I liked in particular from "I", is how atmospheric elements are introduced into this depressive atmosphere.

If you are a fan of experimental and/or depressive black metal, you should listen to this album. 

Artist: Atrabilis & Negativa
Album: MMXII
Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal / Experimental Black Metal
Country: Spain

    1. (00:07:58) Atrabilis - Novena Parte
   2. (00:06:19) Atrabilis - Der Halbtoten Dichters Schein-Existenz (Urfaust Cover)
   3. (00:08:00) Negativa - I
   4. (00:05:10) Negativa - Painful Assemble (Be Persecuted)

Playing Time.........: 00:27:27


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