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Bueno, no se si habia algo..pero
aqui les dejo unos disquitos
de esta banda de Black Melodico
son bien buenos, y potentes..
recomendados lml

1. Dreams of Winterland
2. Into Infernal
3. Freezing Winds of North
4. Enchanting Woods
5. Halls of Frozen North
6. Forest Enthroned
7. Awake in Dark
8. Song of the Nightbird
9. Icy Tears of Eternity
10. Burning Aura
11. Child of Sunset
12. Land of the Autumn Winds
13. Pimeä yö
14. Outro


1. Aurora Borealis
2. Talviyön Varjot
3. ...And Winter Descends
4. In Blood They Lay
5. Beauty Embraced by the Night
6. Passing Moment of Twilight Time
7. Cast the Stars Beyond
8. Morning Crimson
9. The Forests of Tomorrow
10. Towards the Winds of Winter (Shores of Sendar)
11. When the Frost Took the Lakes
12. Shadeweaver's Season
13. Winternacht


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