V.A. - Covered In Filth (2003)

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01. The principle of evil made flesh - (Wehrwolfe)
02. To eve the art of witchcraft - (Born of thorns)
03. Born in a burial gown - (Serpents Aria)
04. Malice through the looking glass - (Mirzadeh)
05. No time to cry - (D.D.T.)
06. Cthulhu dawn - (Shronzon)
07. Summer dying fast - (Veil of anguish)
08. Suicide and other comforts - (Kaul)
09. The black goddess rises - (Noctuary)
10. Desire in violent overture - (Lucifer)
11. From the cradle to enslave - (Dark army)
12. The forest whispers my name - (Willow wisp)
13. Dance macabre - (Kekal)


umm.. una cosa ke se me hizo rara, la rola de no time to cry originalmente es de sisters of mercy ._. no se ke hace ahi pero bueno XD

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Jjajajja, neto, no mas faltara que Systers Of Mercy covereara la version de Cradle Of Filth de No Time to Cry, jjajajaa

mmmmm, toka que arreglen el link de descarga porque no sirve cuaquier cosa por favor avisenme donde lo puedo descargar att: shagrath9311@hotmail.com